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Welcome to the special topics page. This section was created to provide a different approach to learning spoken English. The regular English lessons have audio files associated to each sentence. Lessons under Special Topics will have an audio file for each paragraph. Shorter audio files are great to learn each sentence, but advanced students will benefit from having longer audio files.

Topics for this section will be geared towards life in the United States. That means it will be beneficial for people who are living in the States, people who plan on moving to the States, or people who simply want to learn the culture and small details of living in the States. There are only a handful of lessons so far, but keep checking back because more lessons will be added regularly.

Purchasing a Home

How much can I afford?
What house and Where?
Finding an Agent
Looking at and Evaluating Houses
Making an Offer


Mortgage Explanation
Arm Loans
Eighty Twenty Loan
Interest Only Loan


Computer Jobs
Computer Certificates

Buying a Car

Buying a New Car
Buying a Used Car

Money Matters

At the Bank
Credit Cards

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