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Thank you for your Interview English Lessons. I am finding a new job and I found your website when i was trying to find the instruction to answer some questions in Interview. Your lessons is very helpful and that's all things i need. Thanks your very much.


I find your methods very effective Steve thank you soo much


I was happy 3 months ago when I find talkenglish.com. Today i am HAPPY HAPPY because I meet an American and I was able to have conversation for 20 minutes. I feel so good now! Thank you talkenglish!!!


I found this site very helpful for a beginner like me to learn a new language. After a number of English Learning Site I has gone to, This is by far the best. I have actually learned a lot since i found out your site. Its very easy to use and really fun to learn. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say Thank Steve for creating such an incredible website. God bless you!


Your tutorial is brilliant and your approach towards talking english fluently, is different and scientific. I love it.

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