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Steps to learning English

Steps to Learning English

  1. Click on any blue sentence to listen to the audio file
  2. Read the sentence out loud 10 times (or until you can say it at normal speed)
  3. Press the red button on the bottom of the lesson page and record yourself reading that sentence. When you are done, click on the same button to stop recording
  4. Click on the play button to listen to your recording
  5. Click on the blue sentence to listen to the native English speaker
  6. Compare yourself and identify where you need to practice
  7. Repeat until you are comfortable with that sentence
Click on the star on the top right side if you want to save this lesson in your favorites list.
You can also use the audio scroll bar on top to control the audio.

Practice Speaking English

Practice Speaking English

  1. Click on Listen All
  2. Listen to the two native English speakers
  3. Follow along using the text
  4. Practice several times repeating out loud
  5. Click on Person A - You are now person A. Read out loud the sentences for Person A. A pause will be provided and you should finish before Person B starts talking.
  6. Change persons by clicking on Person B. You are now person B. Do the same thing. This will give you conversation practice
Keep practicing until you can have a comfortable conversation with our tool.

Practice learning English

Practice English Listening

  1. Click on Listen to Dialog
  2. Listen to the dialog multiple times
  3. Take the quiz
  4. Click on the Check Answer button to see your score
  5. Click on the View Answer link to see the answers
  6. Click on Show Conversation Dialog to see the text
Remember that you can also use the audio scroll bar on top to control the audio. Use it to pause the sound if it is too fast for you.


Thank you for your Interview English Lessons. I am finding a new job and I found your website when i was trying to find the instruction to answer some questions in Interview. Your lessons is very helpful and that's all things i need. Thanks your very much.


I find your methods very effective Steve thank you soo much


I was happy 3 months ago when I find talkenglish.com. Today i am HAPPY HAPPY because I meet an American and I was able to have conversation for 20 minutes. I feel so good now! Thank you talkenglish!!!


I found this site very helpful for a beginner like me to learn a new language. After a number of English Learning Site I has gone to, This is by far the best. I have actually learned a lot since i found out your site. Its very easy to use and really fun to learn. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say Thank Steve for creating such an incredible website. God bless you!


Your tutorial is brilliant and your approach towards talking english fluently, is different and scientific. I love it.

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