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How do you handle conflict?

"How do you handle conflict?"

This is a general question.  It doesn't ask if you are the one with the conflict, if it is a conflict with another person, if it is a conflict of schedule, or if it is a conflict with changes at work.  If you want, you can ask a question to clarify.  But if you want to answer in a general way, try to think of an answer that will work for all types of conflict.

Short Answers

"I treat most conflicts the same.  I analyze the conflict and create a list of steps I can take to resolve it.  By thinking about these steps and taking action, I found that most conflicts are easy to handle."

"I handle conflicts by analyzing them.  I'm a very analytical person and I feel all problems have a solution.  I usually think about the conflict and find ways to deal with it."

"Whenever I'm confronted with a conflict, I always follow a simple process.  I think about what the current conflict is, think of several ways I can deal with this conflict, and then take the best action after my analysis."

Long Answer

"Whenever I have a conflict I have to deal with, I like to follow a simple process.  I first identify the problem causing the conflict, think about solutions or ideas that will solve the problem, and then try to implement a solution.  Although it's very simple, it makes sure that I'm not panicking, losing my temper or losing control of the situation.  And it prevents me from rushing into a decision that might make the problem worse."

This is an answer that could be applied to all types of conflicts.  It doesn't state the exact situations of each conflict, but it does state why following a process is good.  The interviewer will not think this is an original idea.  However, the answer provides reasons why it helps.  These reasons are the key to the answer and it shows that you are organized and in control.  This answer, without the last sentence is just mediocre.  But the last sentence makes is very strong.

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