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Movies - Asking Friend

In this section we will work on the planning aspect of watching a movie.  In other Movie sections, we will cover discussing a movie, types of movies, etc.

Since this is the first Movie section, let me take a quick minute to explain how to find out movie times and how to pay for tickets in America.  It's very similar and simple.

First, you need to find out what time a show is playing.  In most cases, this is done by checking the internet.  Usually, you type in the zip code and all the theatres in that area will display all the movies and movie times for that week.  After you have chosen the movie to see, you need to buy the ticket.  There are some places you can buy on-line, but it isn't that popular yet.  You can go to the theatre before the movie starts and buy it at the theatre.  The only thing you need to know how to say is the movie name and the movie time.  Here is a quick example.  Let's say you are watching the Titanic at 3:00.  You walk up to the counter and say, 'Titanic.  Three o'clock.'  Wasn't that easy?  Finally, big block buster movies usually sell out of tickets very quickly.  So if you want to see it on opening day, it is wise to go to the theatre right when it opens and buy the tickets in advance.

Before you watch a movie, you need to plan ahead with friends.  Either you are asking a friend to watch a movie, or you are answering.  In either case, we will cover it here.

The following questions and statements are used when asking a friend to watch a movie.

"Hey John, do you want to (wanna) go see a movie tonight?"
"I'm going to watch Terminator 2.  Do you wanna join?"
"Let's go see The Matrix tomorrow."
"What time should we meet at the theatre?"
"Let's watch a movie after dinner."
"The Titanic is coming out this Friday.  Let's go see it."

If there are not enough details, a response can be in a question form.  Here are a couple of examples.

"Who is all going?"
"Who are you watching it with?"
"Where are you watching it?"
"What time are you watching the movie?"

Normal answers:

"That sounds great."
"I always wanted to see that.  Let's go."
"Let's meet at the theatre at four o'clock."
"Sure.  Do you wanna eat lunch together before the movie?"

"I've already seen that movie.  What else is playing?"
"I can't.  I have to work that night."
"That movie sounds scary.  I don't like horror movies."
"I really don't like the actors.  I'm going to pass."

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