Vocabulary Lessons Starting with the Letter C

There are a total of 209 vocabulary lessons starting with the letter C.  Select a letter to view all the vocabulary lessons starting with that letter or click on a word to study the lesson.

cabinet (n)cable (n)cake (n)
calculate (v)calendar (n)call (n)(v)
calm (n)(v)(adj)camera (n)camp (n)
campaign (n)(v)can (n)cancel (v)
cancer (n)candidate (n)candle (n)
candy (n)cap (n)capable (adj)
capital (n)car (n)card (n)
care (n)(v)career (n)careful (adj)
carefully (adv)carpet (n)carry (v)
case (n)cash (n)cat (n)
catch (n)(v)category (n)cause (n)
celebrate (v)celebration (n)cell (n)
certain (adj)certainly (adv)chain (n)
chair (n)challenge (n)(v)champion (n)
championship (n)chance (n)(adj)change (n)(v)
channel (n)chapter (n)character (n)
charge (n)(v)charity (n)chart (n)(v)
cheap (adj)check (n)(v)cheek (n)
chemical (n)chemistry (n)chest (n)
chicken (n)child (n)childhood (n)
chip (n)(v)chocolate (n)choice (n)
choose (v)church (n)cigarette (n)
city (n)civil (adj)claim (n)(v)
class (n)classic (adj)(n)classroom (n)
clean (adj)(v)clear (adj)(v)clearly (adv)
clerk (n)click (n)(v)client (n)
climate (n)clock (n)close (n)(v)(adv)(adj)
closed (adj)closely (adv)closet (n)
clothes (n)cloud (n)(v)club (n)
clue (n)coach (n)(v)coast (n)
coat (n)(v)code (n)coffee (n)
cold (adj)(n)collar (adj)collect (v)
collection (n)college (n)combination (n)
combine (v)come (v)comfort (n)(v)
comfortable (adj)command (n)comment (n)(v)
commercial (n)commission (n)commit (v)
committee (n)common (adj)communicate (v)
communication (n)community (n)company (n)
compare (v)comparison (n)compete (v)
competition (n)competitive (adj)complain (v)
complaint (n)complete (v)(adj)completely (adv)
complex (n)(adj)complicated (adj)comprehensive (adj)
computer (n)concentrate (v)concept (n)
concern (n)(v)concerned (adj)concert (n)
conclusion (n)condition (n)conference (n)
confidence (n)confident (adj)confirm (v)
conflict (n)(v)confusion (n)connect (v)
connection (n)conscious (adj)consequence (n)
consider (v)consideration (n)consist (v)
consistent (adj)constant (adj)constantly (adv)
construction (n)consult (v)contact (n)(v)
contain (v)content (n)(adj)contest (n)(v)
context (n)continue (v)contract (n)
contribute (v)contribution (n)control (n)(v)
conversation (n)convert (n)(v)convince (v)
cook (n)(v)cookie (n)cool (v)(adj)
copy (n)(v)corner (n)correct (v)(adj)
cost (n)(v)count (n)(v)counter (n)(v)
country (n)county (n)couple (n)
courage (n)course (n)court (n)
cousin (n)cover (n)(v)cow (n)
crack (n)(v)craft (n)(v)crash (n)(v)(adj)
crazy (adj)cream (n)(v)create (v)
creative (adj)credit (n)(v)crew (n)
critical (adj)criticism (n)criticize (v)
cross (n)(v)(adj)cry (n)(v)cultural (adj)
culture (n)cup (n)(v)curious (adj)
currency (n)current (n)(adj)currently (adv)
curve (n)customer (n)cut (n)
cute (adj)cycle (n)