Vocabulary Lessons Starting with the Letter I

There are a total of 78 vocabulary lessons starting with the letter I.  Select a letter to view all the vocabulary lessons starting with that letter or click on a word to study the lesson.

ice (n)idea (n)ideal (n)(adj)
identify (v)ignore (v)ill (adj)(adv)
illegal (adj)illustrate (v)image (n)
imagination (n)imagine (v)immediate (adj)
immediately (adv)impact (n)(v)implement (n)(v)
imply (v)importance (n)important (adj)
impossible (adj)impress (v)impression (n)
impressive (adj)improve (v)improvement (n)
incident (n)include (v)income (n)
incorporate (v)increase (v)(n)independence (n)
independent (adj)indicate (v)indication (n)
individual (n)(adj)industry (n)inevitable (adj)
inflation (n)influence (n)(v)inform (v)
informal (adj)information (n)initial (n)
initially (adv)initiative (n)injury (n)
inner (adj)insect (n)inside (adj)(adv)
insist (v)inspection (n)inspector (n)
install (v)instance (n)instruction (n)
insurance (n)intelligent (adj)intend (v)
intention (n)interaction (n)interest (n)(v)
interested (adj)interesting (adj)internal (adj)
international (adj)internet (n)interview (v)(v)
introduce (v)introduction (n)invest (v)
investigate (v)investment (n)invite (v)
involve (v)involved (adj)iron (n)(v)(adj)
island (n)issue (n)(v)item (n)