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Dear English learners,

Do you find it difficult to speak English? Are you wondering why you can read and write in English but have a hard time putting together a simple sentence?

Do you feel shy or scared to speak to other people in English? Does it take you a very long time to say a simple sentence in public?

Are you tired of studying English without seeing improvements in your speaking skills?

The most popular question I get is, "How can I speak English fluently?" or "I can read and write, but I cannot speak English. What do I need to do?"

My name is Steve Kim and I am the creator of I have spent over 10 years helping English learners on English speaking. My goal is to give everyone the ability to speak English fluently!

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There are 5 basic problems why people study English for many years and still cannot speak English.

1. Too much emphasis on grammar
  • Studying grammar will help you with exams, but will slow you down when trying to speak English
2. Too much time spent on studying words and vocabulary
  • You will know 1000 words, but will not be able to communicate
3. Spending most of the time on listening and reading, but not practicing speaking
  • You will be able to read, write, and understand, but will not be able to speak
4. Not surrounding yourself in English
  • English speaking will continue to be difficult by not surrounding yourself in English
5. Studying the wrong material
  • You will spend countless hours studying without any results
The method provided by will enable you to speak English fluently, naturally, and with confidence. You will not need to spend years studying material that is never used by native English speakers. After a short time period, you will be absolutely surprised that you will be able to speak comfortably with native English speakers.

For more details and information on the "5 Speaking Rules you need to know", refer to my article by going to the "5 Rules for Speaking Fluency" page.

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Steps to English Fluency

A complete and efficient solution for English speaking

To become a fluent English speaker, you must study and master reading, listening, and speaking. At, the lessons are structured to give you practice in all three areas at the same time. developed the "Click, Listen, and Repeat" functionality. In most of the lessons, you read the sentence, click on the sentence to listen to the sentence, and then you can practice speaking by repeating after the audio file provided by a native English speaker. This proven method strengthens your reading, speaking, and listening all at the same time and enables you to speak English fluently.

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"Will this really work for me?" modeled language learning from natural language learning by everyone in the entire world. Instead of trying to teach you a second language, we are teaching you English like every child learned English in the world.

But you don’t have to trust my words here. has over 30 million visitors with over 350 million page views. I get hundreds of emails and messages with success stories. Furthermore, you don’t have to guess or worry about what you will get. All the lessons and audio files are available completely free on the website. The only problem is that you can’t take your computer everywhere you go, and many people in different parts of the world do not have regular access to the Internet.

Even if you have Internet, you need to submerge yourself in English, and that will require you to listen and speak English every chance you get. With the TalkEnglish offline package, you will be able to study English anywhere you go, and without Internet connection.

Imagine how much time is lost waiting for the bus, sitting in the bus, waiting in line, walking to the store, eating lunch, or anything you do. Imagine if you can listen to conversational English and surround yourself in English at all times. If you can surround yourself in English, then you will be able to speak English fluently 10 times faster.

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I believe honesty and transparency is best, not for sales number, but for YOU. Because of that, I will detail out exactly what is included in the TalkEnglish offline package.


All Lessons in the English Download Package

You get 148 PDF files with 873 pages of English lessons. You can print out any of the lessons, take them with you and study them anywhere. You can also have study group sessions with friends and family. You also get 148 HTML files where you can click on any sentence and hear the audio file associated with the sentence. This still keeps the “click, listen, and repeat” functionality even in this English Download offline package. The details on the lessons are below:

  • Regular English (75 Documents – Totaling 304 Pages)
  • Listening – (6 Documents – Totaling 204 Pages)
  • Business English (14 Documents – Totaling 77 Pages )
  • Interview English (8 Documents – Totaling 110 Pages)
  • English Basics (9 Documents – Totaling 55 Pages)
  • Idioms – (10 Documents – Totaling 65 Pages)
  • Pronunciation (19 Documents – Totaling 22 Pages)
  • Travel English (7 Documents – Totaling 36 Pages)

Long Audio Files in the English Download Package

Long audio files are NOT included in the website. They are ONLY included in this offline package. There are a total of 307 Long Audio MP3 files playing over 13 hours and 30 minutes! This is equal to over 10 CD’s. With the long audio file, you can really submerge yourself anywhere you go with your MP3 player and learn English fast and efficiently. The details on the long audio files are below:

  • Regular English (75 MP3 files – 7 hrs and 29 min)
  • Listening Dialogs (102 MP3 files – 1 hr and 27 min)
  • Business English (14 MP3 files – 2 hrs and 7 min)
  • English Basics (90 MP3 files – 1 hr and 10 min)
  • Pronunciation (19 MP3 files – 25 minutes)
  • Travel English (7 MP3 files – 50 minutes)

Short Audio Files in the English Download Package

The short audio files are primarily used with the HTML files, but you can still use them for your MP3 player if you want to practice specific sections. In this package, you will get 7,924 short audio files that correspond to all the sentences in the 873 pages of lessons. Even if you don’t have an MP3 player, you can listen to them on your computer without Internet connection. Details on the short audio files are below:

  • Regular English (3790 Short audio MP3 files)
  • English Basics (925 Short audio MP3 files)
  • Business English (725 Short audio MP3 files)
  • Idioms (1241 Short audio MP3 files)
  • Interview English (634 Short audio MP3 files)
  • Pronunciation (226 Short audio MP3 files)
  • Travel English (383 Short audio MP3 files)
You get everything in one DOWNLOAD!!!

"What does the TalkEnglish Offline Package Cost?"

If I look at how much money people spend on trying to learn English in America, I am really surprised. Some people spend thousands of dollars a year trying to learn English and ultimately fail. They will go to school and spend $5,000 a year only to be entertained in a new environment, but the end result is that they didn’t learn how to speak English.

Other people I have seen spent $200, $300, or even $500 on other software or English books. Some of these methods work, but it is not the complete package. Sometimes you have to buy 10 different books or 10 different levels to get the entire package.

My goal is to help everyone Speak English fluently, and I know the only way to do so would be to reach even those who cannot afford to pay $100. Although the TalkEnglish Offline Package is worth $300, I will be combining everything together for the sale price of only $90 (USD).

However, for a limited time, the entire package will be offered at the introductory price of $21 (USD).




My partners and I have agreed to price this offline package at $21 for a limited time so even for countries where the daily wage is $21 can afford to buy this offline package. We can’t do this forever, so please download a copy so you can learn English quickly at this amazing price of only $21.

For the introductory price, you get absolutely everything. 873 pages of lessons that could fill 8 books in both PDF and HTML formats, over 13 hours of long audio files that could fill more than 10 CD’s, and nearly 8,000 short audio files that are not offered anywhere, all for $21.

Limited Time Offer: $90 > $21

I have reduced the price as much as possible for the introductory time period. Despite the profit being very small, we want to give an opportunity for everyone to buy this.

I know this is affordable to everyone, so please take advantage of this offline package, this amazing price, and start studying the correct materials that will lead you to English fluency!

"Do not wait too long! This price is only for a limited time."

No matter how you look at it, this is an incredible opportunity to buy everything for the introductory price of $21. Actually, it is a crazy offer for us to even price it at $21. Although the price might increase in the future, you currently have this limited time opportunity so you really need to act NOW!

You have spent a lot of time looking for English material that can help you become fluent in English. Stop looking and take the first step towards English fluency!

Option 1 ($21)
Download TalkEnglish

Option 1: You can get instant access.  Download immediately and start using all the audio files. is already free in a web form. There is absolutely no risk to you. Do you want to spend 300 hours gathering material to start studying English, or do you want to spend that time becoming fluent in English?

I haven't found an exciting package like this with this amazing price on the Internet. Take advantage of this offer today and you will improve your English speaking!

Limited Introductory Price: $90 > $21


Your improved page is sensational, even though it was 100% helpful before. Thanks to your good work, I got to a stage where I can talk about almost anything!


Thank you very much Steve. Your website is so helpful. I have been studying English in a long time but I don't have any opportunity to study in English-speaking countries, so I still can't speak naturally even though I know a lot of vocabulary and grammar rules. I think there are alot alot of people who are in the same situation. Thanks to you, now we can master our speaking skills at home without having to go to US or GB. Thanks again. Best wishes to you.


Actually I wanna say congratulation! This new website helps my ESL students very much. It is very successful and I can use it in a very simple way. I wish more and more successes in the future.
With my cordial regards,

-Dr. Rashed Khawaldeh

Thank you for your Interview English Lessons. I am finding a new job and I found your website when i was trying to find the instruction to answer some questions in Interview. Your lessons is very helpful and that's all things i need. Thanks your very much.


I find your methods very effective Steve thank you soo much


I was happy 3 months ago when I find Today i am HAPPY HAPPY because I meet an American and I was able to have conversation for 20 minutes. I feel so good now! Thank you talkenglish!!!


I found this site very helpful for a beginner like me to learn a new language. After a number of English Learning Site I has gone to, This is by far the best. I have actually learned a lot since i found out your site. Its very easy to use and really fun to learn. From the bottom of my heart, I would like to say Thank Steve for creating such an incredible website. God bless you!


Your tutorial is brilliant and your approach towards talking english fluently, is different and scientific. I love it.


I'm a new student. I think is very helpful for English learners, I want to improve my English, especially oral level. I come here every evening since I found it. You're busy at work but you always help everyone who needs help. Thank you for your help, you have a heart of gold.


I truly appreciate your work and I really hope you will be able to keep this site updated. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge with us.


I studied English for 7 years and still couldn't speak English. I am so happy to find your site and your teaching method because it really helped me with my speaking. I can't thank you enough!


I want just to say thank you so much for this web site. I've signed in up few days ago and you can't imagine how much I learned!


I study many years trying to speak english. I think speaking is very difficult. But I want to tell you that you have good approach. I see best results from your method and I tried so many classes and read so many books. Maybe because I studied so much already I knew many words. But your method put my knowledge together and I can speak much better than before. I am not perfect yet, but I am happy that I can say things by myself.


hi steve, congratulations for the new version of talkenglish! amazing, instructions and lessons are very clear. spending a lot of time to this new lessons is quite difficult while you're working just to help us to be fluent in english. thank you very much and god bless!!! i know that everybody will enjoy to study coz its very interesting.


This site is simply GREAT!