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Welcome to provides a complete solution to obtain English fluency using speaking, listening, pronunciation, and basic grammar lessons. Before starting this free course, please follow these instructions:

1. Read the contents on the main page
2. Read the 5 Rules for Speaking Fluency
3. Read the material under Study Method
4. Start studying the lessons from English Speaking Basics
5. Ask questions in the forums when you run into something you don't understand
6. Download the TalkEnglish Offline Version and study offline using your MP3 player.  This will help you speak English faster. is a program offering speaking lessons on Regular, Business, Interviewing, Traveling Lessons, along with new Listening lessons, Pronunciation lessons, Basic Grammar, and Intonation and speed of speaking tips. Here are the detailed steps on how to study using

For Regular English, Business English, and Travel English

1. Start from the first lesson
2. Click on each sentence and listen to it
3. Repeat after each individual sentence. Listen and repeat until you master the sentence
4. After a series of lessons, you will see an Interactive Conversation Practice Lesson
5. Listen to the real life conversation by clicking on the Listen All button
6. Keep listening to it until you are very comfortable with both Person A and Person B
7. When you are ready, become Person A or Person B by clicking on the buttons
8. All the interactive conversations are native speed. If it is too fast for you, click on the pause button for practice
9. After you practice several times, you can practice without the pause button and speak like a native

For Interview English and Useful Phrases

1. Select the Question or Topic you want to study
2. Read the explanation
3. Click on each example answer to listen to the answer or sentence

For Listening Lessons

1. Click on the sound or letter you want to learn
2. Pay close attention to the instructions
3. Click on any sentence or word that is blue to hear the sound

Additional Study Advice

Practice until you can speak without thinking about each word
If you read each section once and listen to the lesson once, you will probably finish in 10 minutes. But you will not be learning anything. Take the time to make each sentence a part of you. You should be able to say each sentence without thinking about it. Use the Interactive Conversation Practice session over and over again until you can be fluent for that category. Don't be discouraged if a lesson takes you a long time.

Surround yourself with English to learn English speaking faster
Download the TalkEnglish Offline Version from the English Download page and use all the conversations and dialogs with your MP3 player.  Even when you're not sitting at your desk studying, you can constantly listen and practice English.  The audio files will enable you to study English on the road, waiting for the bus, at the coffee shop, or practically anywhere.  You won't need to leave your country to become fluent in English if you study using these methods.  Having all the audio files with you will help you speak much faster!

Invest your time and effort
Don't believe book titles that say you can learn English in 3 months. That is a lie and only the smartest of all genius's will be able to accomplish that. More realistically, it will take quite a long time. Depending on how much time and effort you put into it, you can finish this whole site and learn how to speak English in one year. Even if it takes two years, it is a great accomplishment seeing how many users study English for 10 years without being able to speak English.

Review regularly
It is normal to forget things that you do not use. Even after mastering a lesson, you should re-do the Interactive Conversation portion of that lesson on a regular basis so you don't forget it. After awhile, when those sentences are engraved in your head, you will be speaking English fluently.

Ask questions anytime you want
All users are welcome to view the postings on our Forums page. While studying English, you can always come into the forums page and ask questions.

What's New on

NEW: Over a hundred new listening lessons with fun questions and answers to improve your listening skills while having fun.

NEW: Almost twenty new Pronunciation lessons covering over 40 of the most common English sounds. All pronunciation lessons contain instructions on how to make the sound with example sentences with over two hundred new audio files.

NEW: An explanation on grammar in relation to speaking with a few crucial basic grammar lessons. Also check out the tips on Intonation and Speaking Speed!

NEW: Don't forget the new information on the 5 Important Rules for English Fluency!