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Here / There - Demonstrative Adverbs

In another lesson, we studied the words this, that, these, and those. The words "here" and "there" are often used together with those four words. "Here" and "there" are not necessary, but they emphasize the location of something in relation to the speaker.
  • This book is mine. = This book here is mine.
  • That restaurant is good. = That restaurant there is good.
We use "here" for things that are close. So, we use "here" together with "this" and "these".
  • This house here is Sarah's house.
  • These cookies here are mine. Don't touch them.
We use "there" for things that are far away. So, we use "there" together with "that" and "those".

We often use "over there" instead of "there".
  • That house over there is Sarah's house.
    (=That house there is Sarah's house.)

  • Those cookies over there are mine. Don't touch them.
    (=Those cookies there are mine. Don't touch them.)
Remember that we can also "there" and "here" to tell the location of something without a demonstrative.
  • The bank is over there.
  • Here is your book.
  • There is the hotel.
  • My car is here.
Look around the place that you are studying right now. Practice making sentences with the things you see. If you start thinking in English and making your own English sentences, then your English will improve.

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