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How to Talk about Movies in English

Many people enjoy talking about movies. We can talk about movies in casual situations with our friends or family, but we can also talk about movies with business clients or co-workers when we do not have anything else to say and we are just trying to make small talk.

In this lesson, we will go over some basic questions and expressions that we can use when describing and talking about movies.

1. Here are some common ways that we can ask another person about movie preferences.
  • What kinds of movies do you like?
  • What genre of movies do you like?
  • Do you like romantic comedies?
  • Do you like horror movies?
  • Are you into action movies?
  • Are you a big comedy movie fan?
  • Are you interested in documentaries about animals?
  • Do you like to watch movies at home or at the movie theater?
  • Who is your favorite actor?
  • What is the best movie that you have ever seen?
  • What is the best movie that you have seen recently?
We can also ask for recommendations or about current movies.
  • Are there any good movies out right now?
  • Is there anything good showing at the theater today?
  • Can you recommend a good horror movie for me?
  • Do you know any good romantic movies?
  • What action movie should I watch?
2. Here are some sentences for talking about our own movie preferences.
  • I like action movies.
  • I enjoy documentaries and action movies, but I don't like romantic comedies.
  • I like movies that have a good story. So, I like thrillers.
  • I don't think that documentaries are very interesting. Actually, I think that they are boring.
  • I'm into dark movies. They are more realistic.
  • I like bloody movies, but my brother hates those kinds of movies.
  • He is my favorite actor, so I like any movie that he is in.
3. Let's take a look at some sentences for describing a movie. We can use the present tense or the past tense when we are describing things like books, movies, or TV shows.We often use adjectives to do this.
  • It is too violent.
  • It is very bloody.
  • It was hilarious
  • It was scary.
  • It was terrifying.
  • It was very romantic.
  • It was too long.
  • It is very interesting.
  • It was boring.
  • It was touching.
  • It was moving.
  • I think that it is the funniest movie I have seen in a long time.
  • I thought that it was confusing.
  • It is not appropriate for children.
  • It is rated R.
We can describe movies in other ways, too.
  • It is a fantastic movie.
  • It is a great story.
  • It is a sad movie.
  • It had a lot of fight scenes.
  • I couldn't stop laughing.
  • I couldn't stop crying.
  • It had many moving scenes.
  • It was over 3 hours long.
  • It was only an hour and a half.
  • It was full of laughs.
  • It had a lot of dirty jokes.
4. When we are talking about movies we are going to need to discuss the actors and actresses in the movie.
  • Who is in it?
    (=Who are the actors in the movie?)
  • What is her role in the movie?
  • How was she in the movie?
  • Did she do a good job in the movie?
We also need to ask other questions about the movie.
  • Where does the movie take place?
    (=What is the setting of the movie?)
  • When does the movie take place?
    (=When does the story happen?)
  • What is it about?
  • What is the story about?
  • Is it a true story?
5. We can also ask these questions about new movies.
  • When does it come out?
  • When will it be in theaters?
  • What will the movie be released?
  • Has it gotten good reviews?
  • What are people saying about it?
This lesson can help you become a natural English speaker. There are certain situations when the language that you learned in this English lesson can be very useful. Try to use one of these phrases or expressions the next time you speak English.

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