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12 Ways to Say Goodbye

There are many different ways that we can say goodbye in English. We should know these, so we can understand them when people to say them to us. Also, we should know and use a couple of these depending on the situation. We might want to say goodbye in a different way when we are talking to our friend compared to when we are talking to the CEO of our company.

Here are the most common ways to say goodbye in English.

1. Goodbye.

This is the most basic and common way to say goodbye. We can use it in any situation. It is always okay or appropriate to use this.

2. Bye.

"Bye" is the short form of "goodbye". It is also okay to use this in any situation. Native English speakers will even use it in formal situations. We never need to worry about using this word because it is appropriate for every situation.

3. Have a good day.

This is a very common expression and one that I personally use a lot. We can also use this expression in any situation. We can say this to our friends, and we can also say this to the vice-president of our company.

We use this expression when we are saying goodbye to somebody in the morning or in the afternoon. Do not use this expression in the evening or at night.

When saying goodbye in the evening. We can replace the word "day" with "evening".
  • Have a good evening.
4. Have a good night.

Obviously, this common expression is only used when saying goodbye at night.

5. Have a good one.

We can always use the word "one" instead of the time word. It has the same meaning. This is used a lot by native speakers.
  • Have a good one.
    (=Have a good day.)
6. Take care.

This is another common way to say goodbye. It is more common to use this expression in more formal situations, but it is okay if we want to use it with our friends or family.

7. Farewell.

This is a formal way to say goodbye. Honestly, it is not used much anymore. It is considered kind of old English. We are more likely to see or hear this in books or movies.

8. See you. / See you later.

This is a casual way to say goodbye. This is usually only used among family, friends, or close co-workers. Also, we only use these expressions with people who we see often.

9. Talk to you later.

This is almost exactly the same #8.

10. Peace. / Peace out.

This is a very casual way to say goodbye that is typically used by younger people. A long time ago, it used to be common to say, "Go in peace". So, this slang expression comes from that.

11. Catch you later.

This is another casual way to say goodbye. It has the same meaning as "See you later".

12. Take it easy.

This is a very common way to say goodbye in a casual way. It is casual, but it is used by people of all ages. This expression is telling the other person to go in peace, not worry and to enjoy their life.

Use this lesson to help you take your English skills to the next level. Expanding your vocabulary and learning new English expressions and phrases is a great way to improve your English. It will help you a lot when you listen to English or speak English. There are certain situations when the language that you learned in this English lesson can be very useful. Try to use one of these phrases or expressions the next time you speak English.

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