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Sentence Patterns using "What is...?"

We use these questions to ask for general information. These are present tense questions, so we are asking about things that are true now. Use the present tense be verbs (am, is, are) with these questions.

Question Word + be verb + noun/pronoun...?
  • What is that?
  • What are those?
  • What is your name?
  • What are their names?
  • What is her name?
  • Where is your home?
  • Who is she?
  • Who are those people?
  • Where are you?
  • Where is the bank?
  • How is your mom?
  • When is the concert?
  • When is the movie?
  • When is your birthday?
  • When is the meeting?
  • What is your email address?
  • What is her phone number?
  • What is the address?
  • What is your favorite food?
  • What is her favorite sport?
We can add more information after the noun or pronoun.
  • Where is your home located?
  • Where are you right now?
  • How is your brother these days?
  • What are those things on the table?
  • How is the weather in your country?
  • Why is Jane sad?
  • How is Mark a doctor? He hates blood!
  • What is Jane angry at?
  • Why is Carl at the library? It is Saturday.
  • Where is the store located?
  • Where is the restaurant that you were talking about yesterday?
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can also use this question pattern when the question word is the subject. We only use the question words "what" and "who" in this way. Also, we only use "is" with these questions.

What/Who + is + prepositional phrase/adjective...?
  • What is in the bag?
  • Who is at the party?
  • Who is angry?
  • What is good here?
2. Here is one more common question pattern.

What/Which + noun + be verb...?
  • What food is good here?
  • What day is today?
  • Which book is interesting?
  • What restaurant are you at?
  • What stores are at the mall?
  • What book is that?
  • Which jacket is yours?
Real-World English Conversations

A) What time is it?
B) It is eight-thirty.

A) What kind of pizza is that?
B) It is pepperoni pizza. Do you want a piece?

A) Who is at the party?
B) Mark, Jane, Tim, and Bill. You should come.

A) What is your name?
B) My name is Michael. What's yours?
A) I am Russell. It's nice to meet you.
B) Nice to meet you too.

A) When is your birthday?
B) My birthday is April 1st.

Use these free English lessons to learn the most common sentence patterns in the English language. If you learn these sentences and questions, it will help you speak English well. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, and come back to review often. If you do these three steps, your English speaking will improve quickly and you will be able to have natural English conversations.

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