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Sentence Patterns using "We are happy..."

There are quite a few sentence patterns that can use the word "happy". Remember that the "be verb" changes the tense of these sentences (present tense, past tense, future tense, etc.).

Subject + be verb + happy (that) + sentence
  • I am happy that you are okay.
  • I am happy I didn't get fired from my job.
  • She is happy that we will come to her wedding.
  • They were happy that you came to the party.
  • The girl was happy she got a present.
  • Nick will be happy that he doesn't have to work this weekend.
  • Everybody is happy that you came.
  • Nobody is happy that the government raised taxes.
Use "be verb + not" to make a negative sentence.
  • I am not happy that you lied to me.
  • She was not happy the store didn't give her a discount.
  • She wasn't happy that her phone broke.
  • Nick and Jon aren't happy that their soccer team lost the game.
  • They will be happy that you are not coming.
Subject + be verb + happy about + noun/gerund...
  • He is happy about moving to New York.
  • She is happy about getting married.
  • I was happy about the results.
  • We are happy about our progress.
  • Mark is happy about getting a new job.
Subject + be verb + happy with + noun...

The noun in this sentence can be a person or a thing. This sentence is usually used to talk about results or performance.
  • I am happy with my performance.
  • She was happy with her test score.
  • The management was happy with our presentation.
  • She is not happy with the quality of her new dress.
  • Mark is not happy with me.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can only use this sentence pattern when the subject is the person doing the action.

Subject + be verb + happy + infinitive...
  • I am happy to meet you. (=I am happy that I am meeting you.)
  • She will be happy to help.
  • I was happy to hear that you were okay.
  • They are happy to lend you some money if you need it.
  • We are happy to see you.
2. Here are some common questions that use the word "happy".
  • Why are you happy?
  • Why were you happy yesterday?
  • When do you feel happy?
  • What makes you happy?
  • What makes her happy?
  • Is she happy today?
  • Are you happy now?
Real-World English Conversations

A) How are you doing today?
B) I am so happy today because my sister is visiting from New York.

A) When do you feel happy?
B) I feel happy when I am with my family.
A) Same here.

A) Were you sad after you saw that movie? It made me cry.
B) I hated the movie. I was happy after it was over.
A) Are you crazy? That movie was amazing.

A) I am happy that you called me. We haven't met in so long.
B) I am happy to see you, too.

A) You look excited. What's going on?
B) I just got a promotion. So, I am really happy.
A) Congratulations. That is great news.

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