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Sentence Patterns using "I think..."

This sentence pattern is the most basic and common way to express an idea or opinion. It is used by everybody that speaks English.

Subject + think (that) + sentence
  • I think that it is good.
  • She thinks it is bad.
  • We think that Tina is the best worker.
  • The teacher thinks that David is the best student.
  • I think it will be good.
  • She thinks that it was bad.
  • We think that he has done a good job so far.
It is possible to use any verb tense.
  • I think that it is good.
  • I think that it was good.
  • I think that it will be good.
  • I think that it is going to be good.
  • I think that it has been good.
  • I think that it was going to be good.
We can omit the word "that". In other words, we do not need it.
  • I think she is nice.
  • She thinks we are going to win the game.
  • Ben thinks he is going to be fired.
  • They think it is a waste of time.
We use "do not think" or "does not think" to make a negative sentence.
  • I do not think that carrots are delicious.
  • I don't think she likes me.
  • She doesn't think that the movie was good.
  • We do not think that the project will be successful.
  • Mark doesn't think it is a good idea to go there today.
  • Ben does not think that Karen is kind.
  • We don't think that it is a good idea.
  • She doesn't think that exercise is useful.
  • They do not think that the mall will be busy.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. These are other very common sentence patterns that use the verb "to think".

Subject + be verb + thinking about + gerund...

These sentences do not express an opinion or idea. These sentences show what the subject is considering doing. In other words, what the subject might do in the future.
  • I am thinking about quitting my job.
  • She is thinking about moving to Miami.
  • They are thinking about starting their own company.
Subject + be verb + thinking about + noun...

These sentences show what thought is in a person's head.
  • I am thinking about my girlfriend.
  • She is thinking about the future.
  • We are thinking about our childhood.
However, we use "think about" when asking a person for their opinion.

A) What do you think about this?
B) I think that it is good.

A) What do you think about her?
B) I think that she is nice.

Real-World English Conversations

A) What do you think about this book?
B) I think it is interesting, but it is also a little boring in some parts.

A) What do you think about this restaurant?
B) I think that the food is good, but it seems a little overpriced to me.

A) Do you like her?
B) Not really. I think she is a little arrogant and selfish.

A) I think that this project is going to be difficult.
B) I don't think so. I think it is going to pretty easy for us.

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