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Sentence Patterns using "I am going to..."

This sentence pattern is used to talk about the future. It is most often used to talk about future plans and intentions.
  • I am going to visit my brother this weekend.
  • She is going to quit her job.
But we can also use it to talk about anything in the future.
  • It is going to rain tonight.
  • The party is going to be fun.
Subject + be verb + going + infinitive...
  • I am going to travel around the world next year.
  • If you keep using it like that, you are going to break it.
  • She is going to buy a new phone today.
  • He is going to get angry if you do not stop doing that.
  • The teacher is going to give back the test next Monday.
  • They are going to call us as soon as they arrive.
  • Mark is going to help me study for the test.
  • Tina and Mary are going to cook dinner for us this Friday.
We use the verb "to be" when we are using an adjective, noun, or prepositional phrase with this sentence pattern.

Subject + be verb + going to be...
  • It is going to be hot today.
  • She is going to be tired tomorrow.
  • They are going to be happy.
  • He is going to be a doctor.
  • She is going to be at the coffee shop.
  • Mr. Smith is going to be in Europe next week.
Use the same pattern with the passive voice.
  • The computer is going to be fixed by Mark.
  • The speech is going to be presented by Tina.
  • That company is going to be sold soon.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. There are three main ways that we talk about the future.
  • I will meet my friend next weekend.
  • I am going to meet my friend next weekend.
  • I am meeting my friend next weekend.
There are other ways to talk about the future when we are not sure about the future.
  • I might meet my friend next weekend.
  • I may meet my friend next weekend.
  • Maybe, I will meet my friend next weekend.
We can also use some present tense verbs to talk about the future.
  • I have to meet my friend next weekend.
  • I need to meet my friend next weekend.
  • I plan to meet my friend next weekend.
  • I intend to meet my friend next weekend.
  • I expect to meet my friend next weekend.
Real-World English Conversations

A) What are you doing today?
B) I am going to go shopping. Do you want to come?
A) I can't. I am going to meet my sister and help her plan her wedding.

A) Why isn't Kathy here today?
B) She is going to go to Europe tomorrow for a business trip. So, she is packing today.

A) Tina is going to attend the meeting today. Is that okay?
B) Of course.

A) I am going to ask for more money.
B) Good luck. Management does not like it when people ask for more money.

A) Let's go on a picnic.
B) I think it is going to rain.
A) I will check the weather and then we can decide.

A) I am so bored that I am going to die.
B) Me too. Let's go out and do something.

Study these free English lessons to improve your English speaking. If you learn these common sentence patterns well, then your English speaking will improve greatly and you will be able to have fluent conversations in English in the near future! Study the lessons well, practice using the sentences and questions at home and in real life, and make sure to come back to review the material so you do not forget. If you do these three things, then you will be speaking English like a native English speaker in no time!

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