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Sentence Patterns using "I hate it when..."

We use this pattern to talk about things, times, or situations that we really do not like. It is a stronger version of "I don't like it when...".

I hate it when + sentence

"It" doesn't really have a meaning. It is kind of like a placeholder. Some people think of "it" as "my life" or "the time" in this pattern.
  • I hate it when people talk loudly on the bus.
  • I hate it when it rains on Monday.
  • I hate it when my brother wears my shoes.
  • I hate it when people talk loudly on the bus.
  • I hate it when people litter.
  • I hate it when people smoke in public places.
  • I hate it when Mark makes excuses for not doing his work.
  • I hate it when Tina talks to the phone to her friends during work.
We can make the same sentence with different subjects.
  • She hates it when her boss changes the schedule.
  • Mark hates it when his roommate doesn't do the dishes.
  • My boss hates it when people are late to work.
  • My friend hates it when people talk about politics.
  • My parents hate it when I don't call and tell them that I will be late.
We can also use "do not hate it when...". This means that something is okay. We do not hate it, but we do not love it either. It is somewhere in the middle.
  • I don't hate it when she does that, but I wish she didn't.
  • She doesn't hate it when she has to work late. She likes her job.
  • We do not hate it when she is late. We don't really care because we are used to it.
  • They don't hate it when they have to deal with angry customers.
We can make past tense sentences by simply changing "hate" to the past tense.
  • I hated it when my teachers scolded me when I was young.
  • They hated it when you wouldn't agree to their terms.
  • She hated it when her brother teased her when they were kids.
  • He used to hate it when people didn't agree with him, but he has really matured and changed over the past few years.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can use the same sentence pattern with other words.
  • I like it when you come with me.
  • She likes it when people give her presents.
  • He likes it when his wife travels on business.
  • The dog loves it when you scratch behind its ears.
  • I love it when I don't have a lot of work to do.
  • I love it when we spend time together as a family.
  • We can't stand it when she does that.
  • We despise it when she lies to us.
  • They despise it when people treat animals bad.
Real-World English Conversations

A) It looks like Sally is going to be late.
B) I hate it when she is late and doesn't call.
A) She does it a lot, doesn't she?
B) Way too much.

A) I hate it when you smoke inside. Could you please go outside?
B) But it's raining.
A) I don't care. You are making the house smell terrible.

A) Did you see that guy throw his trash on the street?
B) I hate it when people do that. Why can't people just hold their trash until they find a trash can?

A) Do you want to go out with us tonight?
B) Where are you guys going?
A) We are going to the club.
B) Well, I think that is not a good idea. My girlfriend hates it when I go to the club without her. I don't think she trusts me.

A) Tell me about our new boss. You know her.
B) Well, she is fair and smart, but she hates it when people don't do their part. Also, she hates it when people are not organized because she is a very organized person.

A) I hate it when you leave your dirty dishes in the sink. Just wash them.
B) Sorry. I was late this morning, so I didn't have time to wash them.

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