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Sentence Patterns using "I love it when..."

This is an expression to tell about something that makes us very happy. It doesn't mean that we love this thing the same way that we love our families. It just means that we really like it.

I love it when + sentence

Don't worry about the "it". In this kind of expression, "it" doesn't really have a meaning. It is a placeholder. We can think of "it" as "my life" or "the time" in this pattern.
  • I love it when it snows on Christmas.
  • I love it when my mom cooks my favorite food.
  • I love it when I don't have to work on Friday.
  • I love it when I have free time.
  • I love it when I don't have to go to work.
Of course, we can use this sentence for different subjects.
  • My mom loves it when she doesn't have to cook.
  • My dog loves it when you give it a treat.
  • The teacher loves it when the students are quiet.
  • The workers love it when they can go home early on Friday.
We can replace the word "love" with "like" to make a very similar sentence. Obviously, the word "like" is not as strong as the word "love".
  • I like it when my girlfriend attends my soccer games.
  • She likes it very much when the whole family eats together.
It is also possible to make negative sentences using "do not love it when...". This has the same meaning as "I do not like it when...".
  • I don't love it when she says bad words.
  • She doesn't love it when her husband comes home late, but she understands.
  • We don't love it when we have to work overtime, but we know it is just part of the job.
We can make past tense sentences by simply changing "love" to the past tense.
  • I loved it when my cousin visited me in the summer when we were young.
  • The baby boy loved it when his father made a funny face.
  • They loved it when you told the rude man to shut up.
  • I used to love it when he appeared on that TV show. I wish he still did.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can change "it" to another noun or gerund.
  • I love my sister when she is in a good mood.
  • I love my job when it is not busy.
  • She loves her roommates when they are not fighting.
  • He loves studying when he can choose the topic.
  • We love eating out when we have some extra money.
2. We can use other words instead of "love" with the same sentence pattern.
  • I really like it when you help me.
  • She hates it when people speak rudely.
  • They hate it when people ask too many questions.
  • My boss hates it when anybody is late.
  • My mother hates it when my brother and I leave the lights when we go out.
Real-World English Conversations

A) I think we can go home a little early today.
B) Excellent. I love it when we can go home early.

A) I love it when it snows on Christmas.
B) Me too. It is so pretty and makes the day seem very special.

A) I love it when it rains on the weekend.
B) Why on the weekend?
A) Because I like the sound of rain on my window while I am reading. But I don't like it when it rains on a weekday because I hate going to work when it is raining.

A) Does your wife like getting flowers?
B) Yes, she loves it when I bring her flowers.
A) How often do you get her flowers?
B) A couple of times a year.

A) Everybody loves it when they get asked questions about themselves.
B) That is not true. I don't like it when people ask me questions. I don't really like talking about myself.

A) I love it when I have nothing to do on the weekend.
B) Me too. It is relaxing to just stay at home and do nothing.

Use these free English lessons to learn the most common sentence patterns in the English language. If you learn these sentence and questions well, it will help you speak English well. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, and come back to review often. If you do these three steps, your English speaking will improve quickly and you will be able to have natural English conversations.

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