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Sentence Patterns using "Let me..."

This expression is used to request permission to do something or request to be allowed to do something. Since this sentence pattern is a command (imperative form), it is considered more casual.

We are more likely to use this sentence pattern with our family, friends, or co-workers of a similar age and position.
  • Let me see.
  • Let me use your phone.
We can make this sentence pattern more polite by adding the word "please". If we add "please" then it is okay to say this sentence to anybody.
  • Please let me pass.
  • Let me borrow your pen, please.
Let me + verb...
  • Let me have a piece of pizza.
  • Let me look at that book for a second.
  • Let me help you.
  • Let me go!
  • Let me sleep!
  • Let me think for a minute, please.
  • Please let me talk to you for just a moment.
If we change "me" to another pronoun or noun, then we are requesting permission for another person or people to do something.
  • Let them go!
  • Let your brother have some popcorn.
  • Let your sister hold the puppy.
  • Let Ben try one time.
We also use adverbs and prepositions with these sentence pattern.
  • Let me in.
  • Let me out.
  • Let the dog out.
  • Let me down!
Bonus Tips and Points

1. There are other ways that we can express the same thing. These questions are considered more polite than using "Let...".
  • May I ask you a question?
    (=Let me ask you a question.)

  • Could I see that?
    (=Let me see that.)

  • Can I go now?
    (=Let me go now.)
Real-World English Conversations

A) Help! Somebody let me out of here!
B) Hold on. The door is stuck.

A) Let me see your phone for a second.
B) Why?
A) I want to check Facebook.

A) Let me check my email really quick.
B) You don't need to check your email. Let's just go!

A) I think I can do it. Oops!
B) Give it here. Let me do it.

A) Let me talk to her.
B) Go ahead. I can't convince her.

A) The newspaper says that the CEO of Techcom stole 5 million dollars from the company.
B) Really? Let me see the article.

A) Have you seen my new phone?
B) Woah! That is very nice. Let me take a closer look.

A) Let me ask you a question.
B) Go ahead.
A) What would you do if you didn't get along with your boss?
B) I would try to talk to him or her and work out our differences.

Study these free English lessons to improve your English speaking. If you learn these common sentence patterns well, then your English speaking will improve greatly and you will be able to have fluent conversations in English in the near future! Study the lessons well, practice using them at home and in real life, and make sure to come back to review the material so you do not forget.

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