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Sentence Patterns using "She is crazy about..."

We use the expression "crazy about something" to show that we really like something or someone.

Sometimes the word "crazy" has a negative meaning like, "You are driving me crazy". However, "crazy about" has a positive meaning. It just means that you like something or someone very much.

Subject + be verb + crazy about + noun/gerund...
  • I am crazy about basketball.
  • I am crazy about playing basketball.
  • She is crazy about art.
  • He is crazy about painting.
  • Susan is crazy about her cats.
  • They are crazy about each other.
  • They are crazy about their jobs.
  • The children are crazy about this cartoon.
  • People are crazy about these cookies these days.
We can use this expression in the past tense to talk about things or people that we liked a lot in the past.
  • I was crazy about soccer when I was young.
  • She was crazy about him for a couple years, but now she likes another man.
  • They were crazy about their old house.
  • She used to be crazy about K-pop, but now she likes hip-hop.
It is also possible to use this with the future tense.
  • My daughter will be crazy about this toy.
  • He is going to be crazy about this.
If we say "not crazy about" this means that we do not like something. It is not a strong expression. It has a similar meaning to "do not really like...".
  • I am not crazy about her, but I don't hate her either.
  • I am not crazy about his restaurant. It is just okay.
  • She is not crazy about her job, but she doesn't want to quit until she has found a new job.
  • They are not crazy about their new boss.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We also use the word "obsessed" to make a similar sentence.

Subject + be verb + obsessed with + noun/gerund...

The real meaning of "obsessed" is to like or be interested in something or someone in an unhealthy way. Basically, to like something way too much. So, the word has a very negative meaning.
  • He is obsessed with her. I am worried about him. He might become a stalker.
  • She is obsessed with her job. I think she is a workaholic.
However, we often use the word "obsessed" to joke or exaggerate. It has a very similar meaning to "crazy about".
  • I am obsessed with these cookies. I could eat a million of them.
  • She is obsessed with that TV show.
  • We are obsessed with motorcycles these days. All we do is ride motorcycles and talk about motorcycles.
  • He is obsessed with becoming the manager.
Note: So, even though the real meaning of the word "obsessed" is negative, we often use it to joke and speak in a fun way. It is more common to speak like this with friends.

Real-World English Conversations

A) Are you crazy about English?
B) No. English makes me crazy.
A) Haha. Stop joking around. You are always studying English!

A) I am crazy about that TV show. It is so good.
B) I know. I never miss an episode.

A) It seems like you are crazy about your job.
B) Yes. I really like it.

A) What are you crazy about these days?
B) To be honest, I am not crazy about anything. I need to find a new hobby.

A) What are you interested in these days?
B) I am crazy about yoga. I do it every day.

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