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Sentence Patterns using "I appreciate..."

We can use the word "appreciate" to say "thank you". There are a few sentence patterns that we can use.

Subject + appreciate + noun...

These sentences have the same meaning as "Thank you for...".
  • I appreciate your help. = Thank you for your help.
  • I appreciate the donation.
  • He appreciates your advice.
  • We appreciate his effort.
  • She doesn't say it, but she appreciates your hard work.
  • He told me to tell you that he appreciates everything you did for him.
  • They appreciate your help.
Subject + appreciate + possessive adjective + noun/gerund...
  • I appreciate your coming.
  • We appreciate their being honest.
  • We appreciate your honesty.
  • She appreciates your helping out with the event.
Subject + appreciate (that) + sentence
  • I appreciate that you came to my party.
  • I appreciate that you didn't say anything to him about what happened.
  • He appreciates you worked so hard during the project.
We can also use past tense sentences to talk about what we were thankful for in the past.
  • I appreciated his help.
  • She appreciated your help on the last project, but she doesn't need you for this project.
Subject + would appreciate it if + sentence

We use this pattern to ask for help or a favor.
  • I would appreciate it if you came to my party.
  • I would appreciate it if you let me borrow your car.
  • My boss would appreciate it if you could help us.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can use this as a short expression to say thank you. This is used by a lot of native speakers.

A) You can use my umbrella.
B) I appreciate it.

Sometimes, we combine it with "thank you". It is kind of like saying thank you two times.

A) We can lend you some money if you need it.
B) Thank you so much. I appreciate it.

Even though it is not grammatically correct, some people remove the subject "I" when speaking.

A) I fixed your computer.
B) Appreciate it. (=I appreciate it.)

We can use other pronouns and words.
  • I appreciate that.
  • I appreciate this.
  • I appreciate everything.
Real-World English Conversations

A) I would really appreciate your help.
B) No problem. I am happy to help you.

A) Let me get the door for you.
B) Thank you. I appreciate it.

A) I think you dropped this.
B) Oh! I appreciate it.

A) We appreciate you coming to our party.
B) It was my pleasure. I had a very good time.

A) We would appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about this.
B) My lips are sealed. I will keep it a secret.

A) I would appreciate it if you could watch my dog while I am on vacation.
B) No problem. I love your dog. It'll be fun.

Use these free English lessons to learn the most common sentence patterns in the English language. If you learn these sentences and questions, it will help you speak English well. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, and come back to review often. If you do these three steps, your English speaking will improve quickly and you will be able to have natural English conversations.

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