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Sentence Patterns using "Even though..."

We use this expression to say that a thing is surprising, unusual, or unexpected in relation to another thing.
  • Even though I studied hard, I failed the test.
This is unexpected. Why? Because if you study hard, then you expect to pass the test. But in this case, the person studied hard but failed.
  • Even though Mary ate a lot, she is still hungry.
If a person eats a lot, then we expect that they are not hungry. But in this case, Mary ate a lot, but she is still hungry. This is surprising or unexpected.

We can use any verb tense – present tense, past tense, future tense, or any continuous tense.

Even though + action/event, + unexpected result
  • Even though it rained, the children went out to play.
  • Even though I tried my best, I failed.
  • Even though they fought in the morning, they had dinner together at night.
  • Even though I woke up early, I was late to work.
  • Even though we offered a 20% discount, they didn't accept our offer.
  • Even though people are nice to him, he is not nice to people.
  • Even though we live together, we almost never see each other.
  • Even though it was cold, I went jogging outside.
  • Even though we spent a lot of time on this problem, we couldn't find a solution.
We can also change the order of the sentence pattern.

Unexpected result + even though + 1st action
  • I failed the test even though I studied hard.
  • She didn't get the job even though she prepared for 3 months.
  • They went hiking even though the weather forecast said it would rain.
  • She lives in a small house even though she is rich.
  • Mark and Tim are best friends even though they fight every day.
  • I like her even though she says mean things sometimes.
  • He is very popular with women even though he is not handsome.
  • He won the game even though he wasn't the best player.
  • They came even though they were busy.
Bonus Tips and Points

1. We can also use "even though" when we are asking questions.
  • Even though it is hot, will you still go hiking?
  • Even though it is raining, do you still want to go to the baseball game?
  • Even though the political situation is not stable, should we still go on our trip?
  • Do you want to eat here even though it is expensive?
  • Should we buy it even though it is expensive?
  • Do you think we should get a puppy even though it is a lot of work?
Real-World English Conversations

A) Even though it will rain, we have decided to go out.
B) I'm not going with you. If it is going to rain, then I want to stay in.

A) Even though I worked hard, my project did not win.
B) That happens sometimes. Other people probably worked really hard, too.

A) I am thinking about getting a new car.
B) But you told me you don't have a lot of money these days.
A) Even though I don't have a lot of money, I can still get a loan.
B) That's true, but why don't you just wait?
A) Maybe. I need to think about it some more.

A) She said she will attend the meeting even though she is sick.
B) Wow! She is very dedicated.
A) True, but this is also a very important meeting. The CEO will be there.

A) Everybody loves her even though she doesn't speak a lot.
B) But when she does speak, she always says nice and smart things.

A) Why do people like pop music? I hate it so much.
B) Even though it is not your style, that doesn't mean that it is bad.
A) What exactly do you mean?
B) I mean that everyone has different tastes.

A) Even though I am going to a different school next year, we can still be friends.
B) Make sure you call us often.
A) I will.
B) And don't worry. Even though you are at a different school and we will not be able to see you every day, we will not forget about you.

Use these free English lessons to learn the most common sentence patterns in the English language. If you learn these sentence and questions well, it will help you speak English well. Study the lessons thoroughly, practice making your own sentences, and come back to review often. If you do these three steps, your English speaking will improve quickly and you will be able to have natural English conversations.

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