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Be all set

"to be all set" / "to be set"

Meaning: to be ready or prepared to start, do, or complete something

Similar Expressions
  • We are all set to begin.
  • We are set to begin.
  • We are ready to begin.
  • We are all ready to begin.
  • We are prepared to begin.
When do we use it?

We simply use this phrase to show that we are ready or prepared or that something is ready or prepared.
  • We are all to set to start the meeting.
  • Dinner is all set. Let's eat.
How do we use it?

We can use the simple phrase "be set" or we can add the word "all" to emphasize.
  • We are set to go.
  • We are all set to go.
After this phrase we can use "to + verb" or "for + noun".
  • I am all set to give my presentation.
  • I am all set for my presentation.
We cannot use this phrase in any continuous verb tense.
  • I am setting to go.
Example English Conversation

A) Have you fixed my phone?
B) Yes, it is all set. Here you are.
A) Thank you so much.

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