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The bigger the better

"The bigger the better."

Meaning: a saying that means that something big is good and the larger that something is the more valuable or better it is

Similar Expressions
  • The bigger the better.
  • The larger the size, the more value it has.
  • Bigger things are better.
When do we use it?

We use this saying when we want to show a large size is important. We often use this in a joking way. Obviously, there is a limit to how big we want something to be or how big something can possibly be.

A) How big do you want to make the cookies?
B) The bigger the better.

A) What size house do you want?
B) The bigger the better.

A) Do you like big dogs or small dogs?
B) I like big dogs. The bigger the better.

How do we use it?

We use this saying on its own. It can follow or precede other sentences, but it almost always is used in a separate sentence. Take a look at these example English conversations.

A) I'm looking to buy a new house.
B) What is the most important thing that you are looking for in a house? Price? Size?
A) Size is the most important thing to me. The bigger the better.
B) I don't understand why Americans always think the bigger the better.

A) What kind of car are you going to buy?
B) I'm going to buy a pick-up truck.
A) Aren't those big?
B) Yes, but I think the bigger the better.
A) Men always think the bigger the better. I don't get it.

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