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English Conversation 32: Terrible Excuses

1. What can I say?: a question used when one does not know how to respond to something or someone

A) You are late every day! Why?
B) I don't know. What can I say?

A) You are amazing! How did you finish all of this by yourself?
B) What can I say?

2. to go to sleep late: to go to bed at a late time
  • I am tired because I went to sleep late last night.
  • Why do you always go to sleep late?
3. a terrible excuse: a bad reason or explanation for a mistake or fault

A) I am late because I didn't wake up on time.
B) That is a terrible excuse.

A) She didn't finish because she didn't know it was due today.
B) That is a terrible excuse. It is her job!

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