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English Conversation 36: Wait I Changed My Mind

1. to change one's mind: to decide to do something different than what one originally decided to do

A) I thought you were going to travel this weekend. Why are you here?
B) I changed my mind. I decided to stay here this weekend.

A) Why didn't you buy the jacket?
B) I changed my mind. Now, I think that I don't need a new jacket.

2. an expensive purchase: something that cost a lot of money to buy
  • That is an expensive purchase.
  • A new car is an expensive purchase.
3. What is wrong with...?: a question used to ask about the problem with something or someone

A) What's wrong with Kelly? Why is she crying?
B) Her dog died this morning.

A) What's wrong with your car?
B) I don't know. It is in the car shop now. I'll find out later.

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