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Business English Conversation 15: Complaining about Hotel Room

1. the front desk: the place in the main lobby of a hotel to help guests check in, checkout and with other services
  • I will call the front desk and ask them.
  • Wait here, I will go to the front desk and check us in.
2. How can I help you?: a common question used to offer help and service after a customer or guest enters a place of business

A) Hello sir. How can I help you?
B) Hello. My name is Michael and I have a reservation.

A) Hello. How can I help you?
B) Yes, I am looking for a new TV.
A) Our TVs are this way. I will take you there.

3. an attached office: an office that is connected to another room
  • This hotel room has an attached office.
  • My boss is a workaholic. Even his bedroom at home has an attached office.

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