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Business English Conversation 26: Swag Bags

1. to go to a hospitality event: to attend an event held by a company to say thank you to employees or clients
  • I don't think I will go to the hospitality event this year.
  • I have to go to the hospitality event next week because all of my clients will be there.
2. a raffle: a type of lottery in which people buy chances to win and then winning tickets or numbers are randomly selected
  • We will have a raffle at the hospitality event. Each ticket will cost $5 and there will be many prizes that people can win.
  • They are having a raffle. Do you want to buy a ticket?
3. to afford something: to be able to buy something with the money one has
  • I can't afford a BMW, but I can afford a Kia.
  • I can't afford to live in this neighborhood now, but I might be able to afford it in 10 years.

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