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Business English Conversation 36: Confusing Office Layout

1. an office layout: the arrangement of the furniture, desks, machines, etc. in an office
  • We have a great office layout. There is a lot of open space and it is easy for everyone to move around.
  • We have a terrible office layout. It is hard to walk around because all the desks are too close together.
2. to have the budget for something: to have enough money to buy or do something
  • We don't have the budget for hiring another person.
  • We have the budget for one more small advertising campaign.
3. a maze: a confusing network of paths or passages
  • My son likes to do mazes. He has a book of them and he loves finding his way from the start to the finish.
  • Our office layout is like a maze. It is hard to get out.

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