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Business English Conversation 39: Work Life Balance

1. to bring work home: to take work from the office to do at one's home
  • Do you ever bring work home?
  • My wife is a workaholic. She brings home work every day.
2. Don't do more than you can handle.: Don't try to do more work than you can do.

A) I have so much to do this week.
B) Don't do more than you can handle.

A) I have to finalize our plan for next year, redesign our website, update our database, and make some calls to our customers.
B) That is a lot. Don't do more than you can handle. I can help you if you need it.

3. to focus on home: to not think about work and just pay attention to one's family and personal life
  • When I am at work, I focus on work, but when I am at home, I focus on home.
  • Don't think about work after you leave. Just focus on home.

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