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Top 60 Pronouns

Out of the 2265 most frequently used words, 58 were identified as pronouns. However, 48 words were primarily used as pronouns, while the remaining 10 words were different types but could be used as a pronoun. For example, the word "some" is an adjective, such as, "The children played for some time." However, it can also be a pronoun, "Some do not agree with you."

Because of the multiple meaning of words, the ordering of words were conducted by 1) taking the frequency of only pronoun types, then 2) taking the frequency of (pronouns + other type), then finally 3) taking the frequency of (other type + pronouns).

There can be typos or errors.  If you find anything that is incorrect, please email  We will do our best to correct everything.

Word Frequency Type
your 1067 (pronoun)
I 621 (pronoun)
they 617 (pronoun)
their 439 (pronoun)
we 352 (pronoun)
who 281 (pronoun)
them 269 (pronoun)
its 215 (pronoun)
our 213 (pronoun)
my 177 (pronoun)
those 156 (pronoun)
he 144 (pronoun)
us 127 (pronoun)
her 107 (pronoun)
something 89 (pronoun)
me 88 (pronoun)
yourself 59 (pronoun)
someone 55 (pronoun)
everything 43 (pronoun)
itself 34 (pronoun)
everyone 31 (pronoun)
themselves 29 (pronoun)
anyone 22 (pronoun)
him 17 (pronoun)
whose 14 (pronoun)
myself 12 (pronoun)
everybody 9 (pronoun)
ourselves 7 (pronoun)
himself 6 (pronoun)
somebody 4 (pronoun)
yours 4 (pronoun)
herself 3 (pronoun)
whoever 1 (pronoun)
you 2041 (pronoun, noun)
that 1743 (pronoun, adjective, adverb)
it 1386 (pronoun, noun)
this 864 (pronoun, adjective, adverb)
what 461 (pronoun, adjective, adverb)
which 449 (pronoun, adjective)
these 344 (pronoun, adjective)
his 125 (pronoun, adjective)
she 85 (pronoun, noun)
lot 82 (pronoun, adverb, noun)
anything 19 (pronoun, noun, adverb)
whatever 16 (pronoun, adverb, interjection)
nobody 7 (pronoun, noun)
none 5 (pronoun, adverb, adjective)
mine 2 (pronoun, noun, verb)
anybody 1 (pronoun, noun)
some 501 (adjective, pronoun, adverb)
there 470 (adverb, pronoun, noun)
all 438 (adjective, pronoun, noun)
where 166 (adverb, pronoun, noun)
another 123 (adjective, pronoun)
same 120 (adjective, pronoun, adverb)
certain 71 (adjective, pronoun)
nothing 35 (noun, pronoun, adjective)
self 17 (noun, pronoun, adjective)
nowhere 1 (adverb, pronoun, adjective)

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